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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friends and foes of Super Rapist Justin Lee

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nude link the peace of mind in Asia, Kelly Lin Li Zongrui Pornographic crazy pass wholly false! 1

▲ Kelly Lin (bottom left), and "Peace of mind Asia"


Television news reveal ... Bai Xinhui, 8 years ago and Justin Lee (Li Zongrui) had a relationship

Li Zongrui of Friends 2019 2
Justin Lee had a fling with Bai Xinhui eight years ago, and Bai Xinhui wasn't well-known yet.

They met in a nightclub, she was very impressed with his wealth but she later found the man cheated on her all the times ... He is a "sex maniac" ? They broke up a year later.

Maggie Wu tries to commit suicide ...

Li Zongrui of Friends 2019 3

Maggie Wu fell in love with Justin Lee in 2008 and fell in love immediately ... the rest is history. She eventually tries to commit suicide.

Linley Fei is one of Justin Lee's victims/friends

Li Zongrui the Friends 2019 4

Singaporean Linley Fei who used to star in "Malaxianshi", aged 35, is much older than Justin Lee. She is a Goddess grade diva with plenty of admirers ... maybe due to her well endowed D Cup physique. Although not formally announced, she and Justin Lee been been seen enjoying spicy hotpot, embraced in the street. You know, thing like that ...

Lin Weiru

Li Zongrui Friends 2019 5
Justin Lee was seen in the company of Lin Weiru after breaking up with Maggie Wu one week later ...

Lin Wei Ru told the media that "he is not bad either, and made no secret of a good impression on Lee. It is alleged that, they broke up only two weeks later after Lin's friends repeatedly reminded her Justin Lee is a sicko.

Blackie crush members Yaoyao

Blackie crush Yaoyao been photographed in gossip magazine with Justin in rather indecent situation.

Princess (Jojo)
Li Zongrui the Friends point named 7
It was revealed by her peers actresses that she had taken the initiative to consort Justin Lee.


Li Zongrui Friends 2019
Janice is the kingpin, a confidante of Justin Lere.

She called a press conference to clarified she has nothing to do with Justin Lee. But media in Taiwan continue to gossip and say she is still the number one suspect ...

Michelle Lee
Li Zongrui of Friends 2019 9
According to Michelle Lee, rumor has it she too is one of Justin Lee accomplice.

Li Zongrui the Friends 2019 10
Makiyo had intimate photo and is allegedly one of Justin Lee's "friends".

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偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 6

偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 3

▼ 安心亞是吉澤明步和灘阪舞
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 6
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 7
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 7
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 8

偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 9
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 10
偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 11


偽淫照是AV女優 許維恩喊冤!不再被騙!李宗瑞X照解密![圖+影] 14

身高:161 cm
體重:42 kg
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